How does your GOLFMAP look?

We all talk about it! Which clubs have we visited and which courses have we played? 

Already world maps exist in different variants, where you can mark the Countries you have visited. 

The same concept is now possible for the golf courses you have played. In the GOLFMAPS poster you color the golf ball which represents the place you have played.

GOLFMAPS opened in December 2020 and is now offering posters within Denmark, Sweden and north of Germany. All are printed on good heavy matte paper and are available in 2 different colors. The posters are 50 x 70 cm.

You can buy the posters in physical shops here:

  • JOS Golf in Smørum Golf Club
  • The pro shop in Kokkedal Golf Club
  • The pro shop at Odense Eventyr Golf
  • Nordvestjysk Golf Club
  • Tranberggolf – the pro shop Varde Golfklub